Give Them a Future! -Campaign for Permanent Visas for Refugees


Campaign for Permanent Visas for refugees living in Australia on Temporary Protection Visas or Safe Haven Enterprise Visas

Many Australians are deeply concerned about the well-being of refugees living in Australia on 3-year Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) or 5-year Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV). These visas are not permanent protection visas.

Temporary visas lock vulnerable refugees into a never-ending cycle of extreme distress and trauma, unable to reunite with their families, unable to build a permanent future in Australia, and always fearing that they may be returned to the danger from which they fled. UNHCR has described these conditions as ‘punitive’ and noted their damaging effect on refugees’ mental health.

We WANT to see this changed.
We NEED the Australian community to push for permanent visas for all refugees in Australia -but many are still unaware that refugees are discriminated against in this way.



Actions you can take:

1. Increase your knowledge about this issue by downloading the:
'Give them a Future! Campaign' sheet
'Legacy Caseload' fact sheet

2. Walk the message out into your community in 4 easy steps:
i) Download this little 2-sided leaflet and print a few copies.
Give Them a Future! leaflet
There are 2 leaflets to a page. The leaflet has a summary of the issues on the front and key Federal politicians' addresses on the back. Concertina fold the DL sized leaflets into thirds.
ii) Go for a walk and drop a leaflet into letterboxes in your street. 
iii) Make yourself a cuppa and sit down for 10 minutes to write a short letter to any two of the Federal politicians listed on the back of the leaflet. Post your letters!
iv) Repeat steps ii- iii at the start of each month, choosing a different street to walk the leaflets to and two different politicians to send your own message to.
If we all do these four little actions once a month, the ‘permanent protection’ message will grow and be a continuous message flowing to Federal politicians.

3. Write a letter to/ phone/ visit/ your local MP and State Senators calling for Permanent Visas for all refugees living in Australia and an amnesty for those in the 'Legacy Caseload' who are in an Appeals process.

For a list of all Federal politicians, go to:

4. 'Give Them a Future!’ postcards
QRAR has printed ’Give Them a Future’ postcards featuring the image shown at the start of this section. (a beautiful painting by QRAR member Cathie Bond). The reverse side has spaces for a brief message to a politician, your signature and home address, politician’s address and spot to affix a stamp.

QRAR will post interested refugee advocacy groups or individuals, bundles of the postcards and  accompanying leaflets for cost price, plus postage.
A bundle of 25 postcards and 25 leaflets will cost $15 plus postage.
(Multiple bundles may be purchased).

To order or enquire further,  please contact Cathie Bond  0407 013 428

5. 'Miss your families, friends and usual freedoms during lockdown?' flyer
During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, Australians discovered how hard it was to be 'locked down' at home or in quarantine for even a short period of time, unable to visit family or friends, and with everyday freedoms restricted.
However, many Australians are unaware that approximately 30,000 refugees in Australia have been blocked by Government from ever seeing their families and the freedom to have permanent refuge in Australia.

View the 'Miss your families, friends and usual freedoms during lockdown?' flyer
Join the team of volunteers letterboxing this flyer across towns on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria by contacting to express your interest.

6. Lobby local government and request their advocacy at a municipal, state and federal level on this issue. Arrange a meeting with your local Councillors to tell them about why permanent protection for refugees is important and why Council advocacy is needed.
Download sample letter to local government here:

7. There are very sound economic arguments for granting permanency and family reunion to all refugees who are on temporary protection visas in Australia. This needs to be brought to the attention of Coalition politicians by all of us. 
Read this new Report:
Supporting economic growth in uncertain times. Permanent pathways for Temporary Protection visa and Safe Haven Enterprise visa holders.

Transitioning to permanent residency will deliver long-term economic returns on investment by enabling refugees to upgrade their skills, sustain and grow their own businesses, employ other workers, and integrate into their local communities.

The vast majority of refugees on SHEVs and TPVs have been employed and paying taxes for years in Australia; some have their own businesses. Many have years of sought-after work experience as chefs, personal carers, construction workers, carpenters, builders and plumbers. Occupational data indicates that many current SHEV and TPV holders have experience in areas where there will be growing labour demand in the coming years.

8. 'TEMPORARY' - view a web podcast by the Kaldor Centre that superbly explains in words, audio, music and art, the stories of people trapped in an endless loop of legal limbo. Meet the ‘legacy caseload’ and the system that keeps them in perpetual uncertainty.


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